Great initiatives: the catcall-ending revolution in South America


Ocac Chile

It has been said that Latin countries are famous for being sexists. Coming from one of them makes me bias on the subject. I have experienced a lot of sexism in Brazil, but I tend to believe that it is not worse than other countries like US, Egypt or Japan, for example. In fact, my perception is that they are all simply bad, so let’s not measure how disrespectful a country can be.

What interests me at the moment is that it is possible to see a growing movement in South America towards ending a very common behavior such as street harassment. Different initiatives have been raising awareness in those countries and women can finally speak up about it. Here are some of the main examples:

Brazil – Chega de Fiu Fiu

A research made by the feminist website Think Olga showed that over 99 percent of the respondents have suffered with street harassment in some point of their lives. The campaign brings up the problem women faces in most cities in Brazil and also features a map in which women can post their experiences, marking where in the city they were harassed. They are now with a crowdfunding campaign to produce a documentary about street harassment.


Acción Respeto – Argentina

Argentina – Acción Respeto

The Facebook page has featured many stories from women being harassed on the streets. The movement got stronger after the mayor of Buenos Aires declared that women actually like to be catcalled. The strong words in their images are explained by the punch line: “if it’s disturbing to read it, just imagine hearing it”.


Ecuador – Quiero Andar Tranquila

The Facebook page uses data and videos to inform about street harassment in the country.

Paraguay – Por una Calle Libre de Acosonoacosoparaguay

A recent movement launched a Facebook page to start a campaign in the country


Observatorio Contra el Acoso Callejero (Ocac)

One project has reached three countries so far and plans to spread through the whole region. The Observatorios create local campaigns and reinforce them by creating an international link.

Peru – Paremos el Acoso Callejero

The Peruvian feminist collective went viral last week with a video about their campaign “Sílbale a tu Madre”, in which harassers are seen catcalling their mothers in disguise.

Chile – Ocac Chile

The website brings news, stories and also the actual campaigns the collective has been doing.


Ocac Colombia

Colombia – Ocac Colombia

The Facebook page has been denouncing street harassment in the country and featuring successful stories of their local campaigns.



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