Call for proposals

The Whistleblower, a project organised by Hamburg University together with Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, comes to a new phase in which opens space for companies and individuals to offer their services to participate in our new project.

Feminist Initiatives Database


To create a database with all initiatives done by feminist organisations or individuals around the world, mapping where they act, how many people are reached and for how long the project has been going on.

Why mapping initiatives and not organisations?

The reason we chose to map the activities and projects instead of the organisations themselves is because there are more active organisations than others – who can get more entries – and there are also individual activities, not being shown.


The database can be designed in a form of a map, so the initiatives can be found geographically, showing if an activity reaches the whole country or just several states, cities or communities.

In a new layer, all entries can be connected through links, e.g. matching dates or matching organisations, allowing the user to see how many activities happened in a current year or from a certain organisation. This information will not be shown in a form of a map.

Once the user clicks on an activity, a box appears with all the details from the project and contacts of the organisation.

On the box:

–          Type of initiative (it can be more than one)

–          Name of the project

–          Organisation or individual responsible for the project

–          Geographical reach (international, national, state, city, community)

–          Country – or countries

–          Duration

–          People reached

–          Contact

–          Outcomes (results, facts and figures from the project)

The types of initiatives

An important layer of the map is connected to type of initiatives that are predefined as:

–          Street harassment

–          Hotlines/ Support against violence

–          Politics

–          Funding / Financial Aid

–          News website/ Women empowerment

–          Community mobilisation

–          Academic work

How the database will be fed

There will be a contact on the corner of the map indicating that any person can create an entry for the map, sending all the infos necessary. After submission, the box must indicate the following message: “Thank you for your collaboration. All entries in the Feminist Initiatives Database are analysed and checked by our team before appearing in the map. Please be patient, the process can take longer than expected”.


The website of the database can be a simple blog for news and comments about the projects inserted in the database. It works as the homepage of the project, informing what it is about. In a second phase, there will be the need to expand the website for info graphics and numbers section based on numbers of the map.


The first language will be English. There is the need to count that other languages will be added later on. The project needs to have that possibility.

Reference – The Internet Movie Database is a good reference of how the information can be reached: by country, date, type of initiative, organisation, etc.

Offers to participate can be sent to The offer needs to have a time plan and deadline for delivery, as well as the total budget needed. Best offer, involving solutions and lower prices, will be selected. Please, keep in mind that this is a non-profit project and budgets are very limited.


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