FemMap: the next level

When I first started developing Whistleblower, my goal was to create an app and a database map showing all forms of violence against women around the world.

The idea was to create a worldwide collaborative map that would give the viewers a sense of how big of a problem street harassment is. By the time I had developed the idea, I found out that, as many other good ideas in the world, it had been done already. More than once, actually.

I started searching for other similar initiatives and found out about Chega de Fiu Fiu, Hollaback, HarassMap and Blow The Whistle. They all had the same purpose: address street harassment as a problem in their community, expose the amount of times women get catcalled in the street and create a map with it.

I began wondering how much these movements knew about each other: they were from different continents, made by different people, but with essentially the same purpose. Did they know about each other before? Was it a collaborative action? If they knew about their similarities, would they like to help each other out?

That’s when I decided there was another project waiting to be done: a database of feminist projects. This tool could not only quantify the amount of work that has been done on gender equality, but also be used to compare projects across the globe and, more importantly, put similar projects in contact.

This is the starting point for FemMap, the Feminist Map of Projects. The website aims to create a worldwide network that can connect activists from projects working with similar ideas, problems, in similar regions or purposes.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 5.59.00 PM

In order for it to work, FemMap uses collaborative help, counting on its users to insert projects that either they are part of or that they know of. Anyone can insert a project. FemMap fact-checks all information before publishing.

So check out our new project, spread the word and let’s create a powerful feminist network!


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